Students from Clever International School Visit the Vineyard at the Faculty of Agriculture

Members of AIDASCO on Stanford’s list of most influential scientists for 2023

Webinar by Prof. Himadri Mishra

Call for Book Chapters – Management 4.0

MoU with the Vivekanand Education Society’s College of Pharmacy

Webinar by Prof. Dr. Robin Nunkoo

Webinar by Prof. Dr. Rubee Singh

Webinar by Prof. Dr. Reena Gupta

MoU with the Indore Management Institute

Joint participation of AIDASCO and “3P” at UNIFood conference

Lecture by Dr. Parul Sharda

MoU with the Madhav Institute of Technology and Science

MoU with the Faculty of Technology Zvornik

GLA – AIDASCO joint events – Two lectures by Dr. Stevan Armaković

First Anniversary of AIDASCO

GLA – AIDASCO joint event – Lecture by Dr. Muhammad Farooq

GLA – AIDASCO joint event – Lecture by Dr. Stevan Armaković

Participation at ICEWE21

MoU with the GLA University