Call for Book Chapters – Management 4.0

It is our great pleasure to inform you that our member Prof. Dr. Rubee Singh is active in one more very interesting project. This time Dr. Rubee Singh is editing a book and the official details are given below. Feel free to contact Dr. Singh in case you would like to participate or have any other questions. 

Edited Book title
Blue Rose Publishers New Delhi

“Management 4.0: Empowering Managers through Emerging Technologies”

Scope of the Book:
Over the past two decades, digital technologies have become more available and increasingly integral to most workplaces. This disruption is set to accelerate over the next two decades, transforming the workplace and the world. Management 4.0 seeks to understand what the Fourth Industrial Revolution (industry 4.0) will mean for the management profession and what new skills and knowledge we need to be teaching both existing and future leaders. Management 4.0 will explore the future of management, seeking to engage across industries and organisations to understand what we need to do now to prepare current and next generation leaders for the future. Management skills and practices are key to improving the quality of work, improving organisational performance and closing the productivity gap. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterised by the fusion of technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and the Internet of Things. These emerging technologies will not replace managers, but it may fundamentally change the role of managers and lead to new management tools and practices.

Topics to be covered but not limited:
  • Readiness of the industry to adopt the emerging technologies
  • Innovative strategies for integration of Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Using smart technologies to make better decisions in management 4.0 environment
  • Role of analytics to improve the organisational performance
  • Effective technology transfers for management 4.0
  • Human aspect in industry 4.0 environment
  • Integration of IoT, IIoT, AM, Cloud Computing, CPS for development of management 4.0 ecosystem
  • Barriers/Enablers/Drivers/challenges/Critical Success Factors for adoption of emerging technologies
  • Barriers/Enablers/Drivers/challenges/Critical Success Factors for digital transformation
  • Supply Chain management 4.0
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Role of Block chain in management functions
  • Human resource management 4.0
  • Sustainability of management 4.0
  • Quality 4.0 and management 4.0
General Guidelines:
  • The manuscript should be in MS word document format 15-20 pages in A4-size, Times New Roman font 10-point size, justify alignment, 1.5 line spacing.
  • APA style references should be used and should be put at the end of the document. Do not add Footnotes or Endnotes.
  • Plagiarism report should be submitted by the author. It should be below 10% (Mandatory)

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