GLA – AIDASCO joint event – Lecture by Dr. Muhammad Farooq

GLA University and AIDASCO organized second online joint event within the signed MoU. It was our immense pleasure to attend the lecture held by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Farooq, with the topic “The Professional Communication Toolkit for Research Scholarships”. In front of the Institute for Business Management, GLA University, this online lecture will be organized by Prof. Dr. Rubee Singh. We are also using this opportunity to thank Dr. Devika Agrawal, who acted as a host of this event.

Prof. Farooq’s lecture was an extremely valuable source of information for both students and their teachers. Around 60 participants attended the lecture over the Zoom platform, while the live stream over the AIDASCO website was followed by  36 viewers. You can download the lecture (302 MB .mp4 file) by pressing this button. Due to certain technical issues, the first 15 minutes of the presentation are not available.

Once again, AIDASCO team is using this opportunity to sincerely thank Prof. Dr. Rubee Singh and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Farooq for supporting AIDASCO right from the start.

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