Students from Clever International School Visit the Vineyard at the Faculty of Agriculture

Students from Clever International School, accompanied by members of AIDASCO, visited the Institute of Fruit Growing and Viticulture at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad, situated in the scenic Sremski Karlovci. Renowned for its rich vine production history, this region left a lasting impression on visitors.

We extend our thanks to Professor Mladen Kalajdžić, actively involved in research and teaching at the Institute and Faculty of Agriculture, for his hospitality and expertise. Professor Kalajdžić provided valuable insights into the scientific activities of the institute and shared knowledge about vine production. Our gratitude also goes to Professor Dragoslav Ivanišević for contributing to the visit.

During the visit, students from Clever International School presented a project focusing on the chemical and biological aspects of vine production.

The visit was further enriched by the presence of our special guests from India, Anila Skariah and Renjith Thomas, professors of economics and chemistry, respectively, at St. Berchmans College, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. Through their presence, we also gained insights into vine production in Kerala state.

AIDASCO and Clever International School remain dedicated to improving education and involving students in research and other relevant academic activities. We sincerely extend our gratitude to Prof. Nela Marinović, principal of Clever International School, for supporting our collaboration.

Check out the short video to experience a glimpse of the atmosphere from that day 🙂

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