Participation at ICEWE21

It is our pleasure to announce that AIDASCO members have actively and successfully participated in the International Conference on Energy, Water and Environment (ICEWE2021). This event was organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

The participants from our side were Ljubica Eror, Milinko Perić, Aleksandra Zukić, Maria Uzelac, Bogdan Tomić, Svetlana Pelemiš, Sanja Armaković and Stevan Armaković. This event was significant for the AIDASCO because this was the first participation in such an event for our three student members:  Ljubica, Aleksandra and Milinko (from left to right in the picture bellow).

Ljubica and Milinko are undergraduate students, and they participated in poster sessions. Aleksandra is an MSc student, and she participated with a lecture. The title of Ljubica’s work was: “REMOVAL OF METOPROLOL AND PROPRANOLOL FROM ENVIRONMENTAL WATERS BY ADVANCED OXIDATION PROCESSES”, while the title of Milinko’s work was: “INFLUENCE OF WATER COMPOSITION FROM THE CITIES LOZNICA AND VRBAS ON THE EFFICIENCY OF THE PHOTOCATALYTIC DEGRADATION OF SELECTED BETA-BLOCKERS IN MIXTURE”.

It was our particular pleasure because Aleksandra won the award for the best oral presentation in the Environmental category. She presented the results of a work titled “PHOTOCATALYTIC REMOVAL OF ACTIVE COMPONENT OF PRESOLOL DRUG AND OPTIMIZATION OF UFLC METHOD FOR ITS ANALYSIS IN WATER SAMPLES” by Aleksandra R. Zukić, Maria M. Uzelac, and Sanja J. Armaković.

Maria Uzelac presented the results of the work “INFLUENCE OF WATER QUALITY ON STABILITY OF HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE DETECTED IN DRINKING AND ENVIRONMENTAL WATER: EXPERIMENTAL AND COMPUTATIONAL ANALYSIS” in the form of oral presentation. This work is co-authored by Branislava Srđenović Čonić (Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad), Nebojša Kladar (Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad), Stevan Armaković and Sanja J. Armaković.

Svetlana Pelemiš, Bogdan Tomić, Sanja Armaković and Stevan Armaković co-authored the work titled: UNDERSTANDING THE INTERACTIONS BETWEEN CARBON NANOTUBES AND EPHEDRINE MOLECULE APPLYING DFT CALCULATIONS AND MD SIMULATIONS, and the results of this work presented in the poster session.

Sanja J. Armaković and Stevan Armaković were one of the invited lecturers, and they also served as session chairman. Sanja’s title of the invited lecture was: APPLICATION OF TIO2 NANOMATERIALS FOR WATER PURIFICATION BASED ON PHOTOCATALYSIS, while the title of Stevan’s invited lecture was: HYDROGEN ADSORPTION PROPERTIES OF HEMIFULLERENE BUCKYBOWL.

The atmosphere during the conference was great, and the whole online event was organized perfectly. The organizers gave their best to meet the very high standards of reputed international events. More than 350 participants from 17 countries took part in this great event. We are using this opportunity to sincerely thank the key organizers of this event, Prof.  Dr. Muhammad Farooq and Prof. Dr. Shahid Imran.

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