First Anniversary of AIDASCO

Today marks the one-year anniversary since AIDASCO was established, with the aim to contribute to international academic and scientific collaboration, students’ involvement in scientific activities, and gender equality. Since our formal establishment on June 10th, 2020, AIDASCO gathered 166 members from 18 countries (5 continents), of which 38 are students. We have partnered with six institutions and have been sponsored by three sponsors.

We had numerous activities, and we will use this opportunity to mention some of them chronologically:

  • Thanks to our member Dr. Rubee Singh (Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura, India), two online lectures were organized for students of GLA University. In the first event, Dr. Stevan Armaković held a lecture on “Importance and challenges of communication skills in building great careers”. In the second event, Dr. Muhammad Farooq (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan) had a lecture with a topic: “Professional Communication Toolkit for Research Scholarships”. These lectures were attended by more than 300 students and faculty members.
  • The lecture of Dr. Farooq was also live-streamed through the website of AIDASCO, which was the first such event to be organized by AIDASCO.
  • Three student members of AIDASCO have participated at International Conference on Energy, Water and Environment ‒ ICEWE-2021, held in Lahore, Pakistan. It was their first participation at such an event and first scientific publication. A key organizer of this event was Prof. Dr. Muhammad Farooq, our member who was among the first to support AIDASCO.
  • Besides scientific contribution, AIDASCO also participated as a sponsor for ICEWE-2021 who rewarded students for best poster presentations.
  • The website of AIDASCO was significantly upgraded, and among other things, now it has membership functionality.
  • Dr. Sanja Armaković had a lecture on “Establishment and Development of Hybrid Learning Courses in the Republic of Serbia” within the “Professional Development Programme on Technical Skills for Hybrid Mode of Education”. This event was organized by Dr. Rubee Singh, in front of the (Institute of Business Management, GLA University).
    • Members of AIDASCO (Dr. Sanja Armaković and MSc Maria Uzelac) contributed with a chapter in a book edited by Dr. Rubee Singh and Dr. Jacinta DSilva: SDG-5Gender Equality & Female Empowerment Policy for Sustainable Development.
  • In summary, the name of AIDASCO appeared in 10 publications (International Scientific Journal with IF or International Conferences).
We are using this opportunity to once again sincerely thank all supporters of AIDASCO, and we promise we will give our best to contribute to the goals we set a year ago.


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