All activities of AIDASCO are made on the pure volunteer basis of its founders and members. One of the first decisions we made was that we will never charge membership. We decided to rely entirely on donations and grants. So far, all of the expenses to run an Association are being covered by its founders. To keep everything worthy of our members, we have invested significant resources for our website, promotion, and legal administration, which is necessary to keep running things in accordance with the Law.

If you like our activities, and if you would like to support us financially, the easiest ways to do that are through donation plugin available on this page or through Patreon

On this web page, you can donate through your PayPal account, or by using your Debit/Credit cards. Through Patreon service, you can make automatic periodical donations. If you are from Serbia, you can donate directly to our account, whose number can be seen on the Contact Us page.