Ljubomir and Stefan published a paper

Congratulations to our youngest members, Ljubomir Gojković and Stefan Malijević, for publishing their first paper in the scientific journal. What is even more important, they published it during the high school education. While they still have been enrolled with class of students with special abilities in physics in “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” high school from Novi Sad, Ljubomir and Stefan published a paper in “Physics Education” journal (IOP Publishing).

The paper is titled “Modeling of fundamental electronic circuits by the Euler method using the Python programming language”. Congratulations on publishing a paper during the high school education and congratulations for courage to take many, many steps beyond the official curriculum.

This event has drawn significant attention and today their success was presented at the Brainz TV web site and social networks. Stay tuned for the special TV report.

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