Partnership with Sharklab Adria

It is our pleasure to announce that we will sign collaboration agreement with the “Center for Marine and Freshwater Biology – Sharklab ADRIA”.

Sharklab ADRIA is an NGO with the aim to promote the biological and veterinary research, establish a long-term protection of sharks, skates and rays in captivity and wild habitats, protection of other organisms inhabiting freshwater, marine and other ecosystems. Over the years, Sharklab ADRIA has become a recognized research institution collaborating with many institutions from Europe, Asia and Africa. Their projects have been supported by EU, National Geographic, Waitt Foundation, Rufford Foundation, PADI Foundation, IDEA WILD, and other organizations.

We are thankful to Andrej A. Gajić (photo), head scientist of the Sharlab ADRIA and Shark Tales at the National Geographic, for this great opportunity for collaboration. And thank you so much Marija Vučićević for connecting us with Andrej 🙂

Collaboration with Sharklab ADRIA will open research possibilities for students and young researchers from our network. More information coming soon, so stay tuned.

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