Science Metrics TOols

The impact factor is undoubtedly one of the essential quantities for the classification of journals. The higher the value of the impact factor is, the more influential journal is. Although it has certain drawbacks, it is still the most frequently considered parameter for the journal’s choice.

Acquiring impact factors and getting on the lists of the most important indexing services is a crucial task for the managers of journals. It takes years of effort and plenty of resources to position your journal in a relevant position.

We at AIDASCO understand the importance of getting information about the impact factors of journals. Therefore, we created a service for our members and all others to quickly and easily get the information about the impact factor. Just click the button “Impact factors” and run the program on the next page, and you will get the impact factor of the journal for the year 2019. If you want to search another journal, press again the “play” button.

Other science metrics tools are on the way, so spread the word and support us.