Dr. Stevan Armakovic

Dr. Stevan Armaković is a physicist with expertise in computational materials and molecular modeling. He is applying first principles and classical calculations in order to understand structural, reactive, transport and opto-electronic properties of various molecules, (nano)materials, ionic liquids, etc. His research activities are at the border of physics, chemistry and biology. He is particularly interested in organic nanostructures with potential for applications in the area of organic electronics, photocatalytic nanomaterials with application in advanced oxidation processes and spinel ferrite nanomaterials such as NiFe2O4 and ZnFe2O4.

He is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, where he is a member of the Chair for General Physics and Methodology of Physics Teaching. He is involved in several courses at all levels of studies, some of them being: Kinetic theory of gasses, Demonstration experiments in physics II, Physics popularization, Biophysics, etc. As a part of the support of Faculty of Sciences to special educational programs in high school “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” in Novi Sad, he also teaches there a subject called “Modeling in Physics”, for the class of students with special abilities in physics. 

He is particularly devoted to the involvement of students into the research activities. He has published vast number of papers with young scientists, and has directly involved undergraduate and, even, high school students into the research that resulted in publication of papers in recognized international peer-reviewed journals.

So far he has published 107 papers in journals with impact factor. He also served as a reviewer for 71 journal with impact factor, and has performed 236 pre-publication reviews.

In the last five years, he participated in 4 national research projects as a researcher who coordinated research activities concerning application of computational materials and molecular modeling techniques for investigation of molecules with potential for application in pharmacy. He also participated in three international projects (2017-2019) between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, funded by the German Agency for Academic Exchange (DAAD), related to the science promotion and involvement of undergraduate students into the scientific activities.

Inspired by the rich international collaboration and all of the benefits it brings, in the beginning  of 2020 he initiated the establishment of Association for the International Development of Academic and Scientific Collaboration (AIDASCO). On the founding meeting, held on July 10th 2020, he was elected President of AIDASCO Board.

Personal web site: www.armakovic.com