AIDASCO is a network of highly cooperative individuals coming from various academic and scientific areas. We are dedicated to collaboration at all levels, and thanks to our expertise, we can offer multiple services. All of the services mentioned on this page are available to both AIDASCO members and external individuals. Members of AIDASCO are eligible to receive a substantial discount for each service.

Due to the complexity of each service, it is not possible to formulate a unique price list and fees for each service. If you have needs for some of the bellow-mentioned service, feel free to contact us with details.

So of the services AIDASCO can offer are as following:

If you feel AIDASCO and its resources could be useful in some other way, feel free to contact us.

Student consultation

AIDASCO is an organization that is particularly committed to providing opportunities for students and young researchers. We are proud to mention that more than 30 members of AIDASCO are successful students, some of them being involved in very serious academic and scientific projects.
All student members and young researchers of AIDASCO are entitled to professional consultations with AIDASCO Board members on academic and scientific topics. If we don’t cover your topic, some expert from AIDASCO certainly does, so we have you covered.

If you are unsure what should be your next step in education or research, where and how to continue with education and/or research, how to write a good research paper, how to choose a proper journal, etc, feel free to contact us at and we will set up a meeting.

Organization of online events

Even before the Covid19 outbreak, “online” was a widespread method of choice to deliver a lecture or organize a promotion, conference, or webinar. Covid19 pandemics showed us how important it is to be able to organize and take part in online events.

We at AIDASCO understand the importance of online events. Therefore we offer our infrastructure and skills to organize online events for your projects. Be it a simple online promotion, webinar or lecture, conference, or something else; we can help you with that. In particular, we can fully set up your online event, live stream it through our website, record it, collect information about event, etc.

Remote teaching

Using the infrastructure of AIDASCO, we are in a position to offer assistance and support for your remote teaching projects. Over the years, we have collected many skills in remote teaching, and many AIDASCO members are primarily engaged in teaching at various institutions.

If you want to start your own remote teaching project, we can cover both technical and development aspects. On our resources, we can set up remote teaching software (such as Moodle or Chamilo, or something else), which you can use, and we can also help you develop exciting and appealing remote teaching courses. Let us know what your needs are, and together, we can find a suitable solution.

Job board

AIDASCO now counts more than a hundred proven experts of different profiles. We have set up a job board where AIDASCO members can post offers for projects or jobs. If you have information about some academic or scientific opportunity for our members, or for individuals outside this community, feel free to post it. Such opportunities could be jobs at faculty, industry, PhD or postdoc opportunities, in-house projects, etc.

Only members of AIDASCO can post job offers, i.e. you have to be logged in to post a job offer. If you use a login button from Job page, the login interface will be different, but your same credentials will be active.

Journal metrics –

Understanding journal metrics is one of the essential prerequisites for finding the correct scientific journal to publish your results. More than a hundred members of AIDASCO are active researchers in various scientific fields. A few months ago, the president of the AIDASCO board, Dr. Stevan Armaković started a project called . It is a unique website where you can find the values of the essential journal metric parameters, such as impact factors, CiteScore, and quartile ranking. To check the stability of a scientific journal, you can also see a graphical bar presentation of how the impact factor of the journal changed during the last five years. You can also use this website to calculate an average impact factor for publications in your publication list (published in the last five years).

These tools are perfect for identifying the right scientific journal for publishing of your results. It is also beneficial to analyze someone’s publishing activity in the last five years, for example, to compare the candidates applying for the same position.

While tools on this website regarding the latest journal metrics will remain free for everybody, some functionalities of this website will be available only for premium members of . However, associate and full members of AIDASCO will be able to use all tools at for free.

Publication services

Our publication services cover a wide range of activities, depending on what you need. If you want to start your own scientific journal, you need a dedicated online system to manage the submission and review of manuscripts. It is a complex procedure, and it is just one of the steps to fulfill before your journal is ranked in some of the relevant databases. We can offer our long and proven publication history to set up a reliable online system for your scientific journal. 

The same applies to conferences, pre-print repositories or monographs – they all require reliable online systems for their management.
Experts from AIDASCO can provide a series of services that can help you to publish your scientific or other results. Some of the areas where we can also provide expert support are language editing, formatting, presentation of results, graphical abstracts, etc.