Prof. Saeid Parsa

Prof. Saeid Parsa obtained the Iranian high school diploma in JUN 1977. In september 1977 he started with British A levels. In Jun 1981 he started with HND in mathematics, statistics and computing from North London university. In Jun 1982 he started with CA in operational research and computer techniques from Southampton City University.

He received MSc in operational research from London School of Economics in July 1983, and started PhD in discrete time simulation packages and simulation modelling tools in 1985, which he left unfinished.

He was teaching assistant for computer simulation course for MSc course in O/R and operational research in BSc in O/R. He also worked as a Simulation programmer for production control at Ballantine factory at Dumbarton Scotland, until February 1986. Starting in 1986, he worked as a lecturer at Razi university Kermanshah, Iran, Azad university of Karaj, Iran and researcher a Materials and Energy research center Karaj, Iran, until his retirement in 2012

Publications of Prof. Parsa are available at Research Gate. He is 60 years old, married and likes cycling, walking, chess and good food.