Nikola Savanovic

Nikola Savanović graduated at the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad in 2018. During 2013/2014 he successfully completed an Internship with the Association of Defense Counsel Practicing Before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. In 2016, he accomplished the exam at the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy and since then has a work permission for employment in foreign countries.

He worked in a lot of companies. As economics assistant in Youth Cooperative “Vrba”, in “Largo”, “Wiss”, and “My New Job” as authorized, licensed person for employment in foreign countries. Since 2017. he started his own job and opened Agricultural Pharmacy in Vrbas. Today he has three Agricultural Pharmacies. Also, since 2020. he opened company “Motiva system” in Novi Sad which primary job is the employment of people foreign countries. This company motivated him to include in the foundation of the “Association for the International Development of Academic and Scientific Collaboration”. His hobby is growing cacti.