Milana Kudus

I graduated from High School Of Medical Science ‘SMŠ Dr Ružica Rip’ in 2016. where I earned my diploma in pharmaceutical sciences. While I was studying in high school, I worked in many pharmaceutical laboratories and drugstores where I learned to make some handmade medicines, organize drugstore’s inventory and sell medicaments to customers.
I enrolled in the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics in Novi Sad in 2016. where I’m currently studying 4-year course in chemistry and I expect to finish it soon enough. In the future, I would like to continue my studies in chemistry through master programme in my university while maybe helping in some scientific projects that are organised by my mentor Dr Sanja Armaković. 
I am longtime Red Cross volunteer and I am interested in learning new languages, I fluently speak Serbian, English and Spanish, and I’m currently studying German and Korean.