Melika Damadžić

I am bachelor of Applied Physics and I have been named as President of the Student Council of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. As a president, I have often been faced with various challenges and problems that I have successfully solved. In this way, I have learnt a lot about being a leader and how much responsibility there really is.

Through my work in the Student Council of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, many workshops, conferences, I was learning (and I still do) mostly about scientific communication. I had the opportunity to collaborate with different professors, media, students …

Professors with experience and young people are full of enthusiasm for learning. They always easily connect and do amazing things together in a very short time. Because all of this I am highly motivated, and I hardly believe that the sky is the limit when we truly want something.

As a young person, I want to work on promotion of science and educating future generations. Also, last year, in cooperation with the US Embassy, I started to realize my own business based on scientific work and environmental protection.

I could say for myself that I am a communicative, thoughtful and cooperative person ready for teamwork, socializing and learning about new culture and tradition and I consider it to be another step towards an individual’s personal development.