MSC Jelena Vulinović

Jelena (Nikica) Vulinovic was born 05.07.1989. in Loznica (Republic of Serbia). Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Novi Sad completed in 2012. In March 2014, she defended a master thesis entitled „Schizophyllum commune, one of the main cause of dying trees of the Novi Sad arbored“. In 2016, she started PhD studies at the of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Novi Sad (Serbia), at the Department of Biology and Ecology.

In 2015, she worked as a professor in an elementary school in Loznica. Since 2015 she works as senior asisstent on Faculty of Technology in Zvornik, University of East Sarajevo, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina on these subject: Plant physiology, Systematics and phylogeny of higher plants, Cytology and anatomy of plant development and Ecology and geography of plants. 

Scientific research in the field of plant physiology with an emphasis on monitoring antioxidant activity in different plant species. As an author and co-author, she has published 4 papers in journals and proceedings. She is a participant in international conferences and symposia.